Friday, February 10, 2017


Thank you for taking a look at this site! The aprons in 'Aprons For Sale' can be purchased. All of the prices are different ranging from $50.00 to $10.00 plus shipping. Please email me at with the assigned number of the aprons you are interested in and I will return promptly a note about the cost and ordering. They will fit most children from the ages of twelve and under. They could even be used for wall hangings or kitchen decor.There are a few adult aprons.

The most recent apron model, Mason, is wearing a John Deere themed cobbler apron.  Isn't he a cutie!

We have added a new line of wine bottle covers that is being shown here by Sharon

Renata was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was not  expected to live past the age of five.  She is now 54 and such a joy and a true witness of Jesus Christ.  She is blessed to do beautiful handwork and handed me the tea towel she was working on 'hot off the press'.  You can see a portion of her towel was incorporated into this apron.

Our models Miley and Tianna, eight years old, are shown throughout the blog. Sometimes their American Girl Dolls, Elizabeth and Jenna, are shown wearing doll aprons. The girls had fun wearing the aprons and posing for the photographer. Their enthusiasm even rubbed off on Moms Cindy and
Michelle .

Small aprons are made out of leftovers. This one was made for a wonderful friend, Cindy, and her granddaughter, Addy.
Faith is five years old
Alyssa is ten years old
 The Aprons are made with tea towels so you could hang them to
decorate the kitchen and also for drying hands!

My grandmother did beautiful cross-stitch work on pillowcases and that seemed to be a favorite hobby in her generation. The pillowcases were practically in shreds and my niece suggested making 'pillowcase' dresses. I could do this for you if you have some favorite pillowcases.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Aprons For Sale

#30231, Etsy7/25


#216Etsy 1/5
 #207, $17.50, Etsy 1/12
 #354, $15, Etsy 1/2

#779, $17.50, Etsy 3/15

Design by Chelsea #167$17.50, Etsy 1/2

#466, Etsy 3/5


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#8306, Display Only
#8312, Display Only
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#8333, Display Only
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#8326, Tianna's Big Sister, Hannah, Display Only
#8330, Display Only

#8327, Sold
#8319, Display Only

#8303, Display Only
#8304, Display